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Quilt Top Preparation

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For the best longarm quilting results, please:​

  • Remove selvage from the quilt top fabric (before you piece) and from the backing fabric--Selvage can result in puckers, pleats and tucks in the quilting.

  • Square your quilt top and your quilt backing--Make sure all the corners are at 90-degree angles and all edges are straight lines.

  • Check your quilt top seams--Repair as necessary.

  • Trim those threads--They can get caught in the stitching and can show under light fabric.

  • Press your quilt top and backing--Aim for a flat quilt top and flat seams. Remember to press with an up and down motion rather than iron with a gliding motion to avoid stretch and distortion.

  • Add 10" in length and 10" in width to your batting and backing. For example, if your quilt top is 60" X 80", your batting and backing should be 70" X 90".

  • Provide quality batting 

Please do not:

  • Baste or pin the three layers together

  • Use a bed sheet for the quilt back

  • Provide high-loft batting

  • Add embellishments before the longarm process is complete (buttons, beads, bows, crystals etc.)


These guidelines lead to the best longarm result. But don't worry if you don't meet some of these guidelines. We'll work together to make the end result absolutely beautiful! 

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